Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers

jeep wrangler seat covers

It doesn’t matter where you want or need to go, the Jeep Wrangler will get you there.  When we go to war, we take a Jeep.  When you want to hit the trails, crawl over some massive rocks or even just head to work or to shop, the Jeep is what will take you there.  While the exterior of the Wrangler might get a bit dirty you can keep the inside looking great with the right Jeep seat covers.  Today we are going to talk about two of them.

SeatSaver Canvas Seat Covers by Covercraft

These seat covers give you both protection and style in every row. The poly-cotton blend is comfortable enough for your precious cargo while being tough on messes.  The seat covers are made with allowances for a seat belt tower built in.  They also have pockets for magazines.  There are headrest covers and even straps for installation.


  • Custom made for each make and model
  • Combines comfort and durability with the poly-cotton heavy duty blend
  • Cleans easily in the washer and dryer
  • Reinforced seams that are double stitched ensure a long life
  • For spill protection that is complete they are finished with a Durable Water Repellency (DWR)
  • Includes arm covers and head rests
  • Includes a rear storage pouch built in for when the seat covers actually cover up the existing map pockets
  • Take them off and put them back on quickly and easily with no tools
  • Available for 60/40 seats and indeed all rows and seats in your Jeep
  • Backed by a 90 day warranty

Saddleman Ultra Guard Ballistic Canvas Seat Covers

These Jeep seat covers by Saddleman are made from canvas that is weapons grade.  They can fend off nearly anything.  The fabric is sturdy enough to repel the worst stains and spills.  They clean up quickly and easily by just tossing them in the washer and dryer.  They are available on a variety of colors too so that you can match them to your Jeep.


  • Protects your seats form stains, spills and more
  • Made custom for your year, make and model
  • Constructed from dense sheets of canvas so that you get the perfect blend of comfort and durability
  • Available for all seating rows
  • Choose from a variety of colors
  • Machine washable
  • Easy installation
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year warranty

What you just read are only two of the hundreds of brands and styles of Jeep seat covers.  You may have heard of these two types and may not have but the important thing is that you know that these are available and so are a whole lot more.  Not everyone will put much thought into the seat covers in their Jeeps but your seats will sure appreciate the attention.


Polaris Launches New POWER line of Generators

The Polaris POWER has launched a new product adjacency line, the Polaris POWER line of generators for the off-road enthusiasts. This is part of Polaris strategy to drive its overall growth through the adjacencies by launching new product lines in new adjacent markets which are closely related to the company’s core market.  The generators, based on the digital inverters, will be the first products to be launched in the Polaris POWER line.

Polaris POWER Generators

Polaris POWER Generators

Outdoor and off-road enthusiasts will appreciate the value and performance of the new digital inverter generators.  These have been built with new portable designs and are also rugged enough to withstand some of the most extreme conditions.  With Polaris POWER Digital Inverter generators, there comes additional power savings thanks to the fuel efficient design. The generator is also highly compact and relatively quiet.

You can use as power sources in diverse areas ranging from camping to tailgating amongst many other off-road activities. Apart from the off-road applications, the Polaris POWER generators can also be used as domestic power backup devices. Consumers can choose from the three main modes of the Polaris POWER. These include the P1000i which delivers up to 1000 watts of AC output, the P2000i which delivers up to 2000 watts of the AC output and the P3000i which delivers up to 3000 watts of AC output for your outdoor lifestyle or off-road applications.  These models have been built with an economy throttle to further optimize on the energy savings.  One of the most unique features of the Polaris POWER is however their relatively quitter operation.  They are usually quieter than the normal tone of any conversation and are unlikely to interfere with your day to day life and activities.  The designs are also built to enable parallel designs. You can use can link multiple Polaris POWER generators so as to realize more powerful operations. The generators will be available on many dealer websites by the end of the year.

Land Rover Defender Pickup in the Offing in 2017

We could be seeing a Land Rover Pickup in 2017 according to the statements from the company’s design boss Gerry McGovern.  Many American consumers are more familiar with the Land Rover Defender as a utility SUV and was once in the US market for a brief period of time.  In the car’s home market, however, this car is one of the most versatile with applications in numerous areas including the off-road.  You can find the Land Rover in numerous models and even body styles and colors. One of the most popular models is the three-door hardtop Land Rover model.  There also exist chassis cab models.

Land Rover Defender Pickup

Land Rover Defender Pickup

The Land Rover Pickup is expected to be the latest variant in its line models. The company is currently grappling with decision on what to make of the next generation of Defender models. The new pickup is expected to be part of the new models to be rolled out that will be Land Rover’s replacements.  It will, however, come after the company has launched more conventional models which include the five and seven-door SUV models.

The new Land Rover Defender pickup is expected to have a more luxurious design, very much unlike the current models.  It is however unclear how far the company plans to go to incorporate the luxurious features without necessarily compromising on the expected rough and tumble feel of the Defender. The vehicle’s has always had a reputation for its Spartan nature which makes it a darling with many off-road enthusiasts.

The new Land Rover Pickup could be something in-between although the company has stated it will be a premium product. Its most direct competitor in the market will no doubt be the VWW Amarok. Customers expecting a completely stripped out utilitarian model may be a little disappointed.  Many analysts are predicting it will be four passenger all-train vehicle with a permanent 4WD capability.

The Mopar Ram Sun Chaser Concept at SEMA

Ram and Mopar have come together to develop a new concept off-road truck which was recently unveiled at the SEMA.  The Concept truck is equipped with some key Mopar accessories and has been described as a “fun in the sun” concept vehicle.  The Mopar Ram Sun Chaser Concept vehicle also has several accessories for the avid beach-goer and a two-tone paintjob that includes a Brilliant Black and Vibrant Orange.

The Mopar Ram Sun Chaser Concept at SEMA

The Mopar Ram Sun Chaser Concept at SEMA

Off-roaders will particularly love the vehicle’s surf roof, also called the Mopar roof which comes with several functional features such as the adjustable support rails.  These can be used to accommodate beach surfing -accessory such as stand-up paddleboards. It can also accommodate the longer surfboards.  The side hooks built into the vehicle can be used to provide additional storage in the vehicle.  These are particularly useful in cases whereby you are planning to accommodate more surfboards.

Some of the innovative concept accessories of the Mopar Ram Sun Chaser concept that were on display during the SEMA include a tailgate seat setup. These are perfect when you are tailgating and even include the actual seats that you can sit on. The seats not only have backs but additional accessories such as the cup-holders. There is also a concept water tank which comes with a water hose. You can also find accessories such as the showerheads and a concept tailgate with a flip-up seat back design. You can easily convert this into a bench when relaxing during your off-roading excursions.

The new RAM 1500 has 17×8 concept wheels based on the beadlock design and this comes with other matching design features such as the fender flares, and the side-step rails which has been modified for smooth entrance into the vehicle. The vehicle is also kitted with a lift kit gives it a little raise.  The interior of the vehicle offers several functional and design features such as the leather seats and color-matched dash and display bezels. Also on the interior of the vehicle are the all-weather mats.

GM Considering Full Size Off-Road SUVs

People who ride the full-size SUVs are still interested in going off-road, that ‘s according to the GM executives.  As a result, the company is busy mulling the introduction of new full size SUV variants for the off-road marketplace. GM already has a new line of full size SUV vehicles such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and the Suburban. Other models in the same class include the Yukon XL and the Yukon vehicles.  The current market of the utility vehicles consists mainly of the unibody vehicles such as the crossover SUVs.  While these are popular, they are not built for the off-road market thus leaving many buyers in a dilemma.

GM Full Size Off-Road SUVs

GM Full Size Off-Road SUVs

The current full size models already have some Z71 off-road packages installed on them. This incorporates several features such as the skid plates, special tires for off-roading alongside the large off-road wheels. The front fascia has undergone some slight transformation and the suspension systems have been tuned with off-road capabilities.  This seems like some good off-road orientation but the GM plans to add some additional off-road features to the next generation to meet its users’ off-roading needs. The company will be launching new special off-road models for the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Chevrolet Suburban, the Yukon XL along with the Yukon models.

Many consumers have been shifting towards the crossovers following the global financial crunch but the company’s full size models have been able to hold onto their market and have sold quite well over the period.  Part of this was due to their ruggedness and off-road readiness.  It therefore seems only natural that GM would want to meet this demand by extending the off-road capabilities of the full-size vehicles. GM also plans more upgrades on the vehicle, in addition to the off-road enhancements. As for the new generation of the GM full size vehicles, these are expected to hit the market by March 2015.

The New Military-Grade Consumer Work Vehicle from Polaris

Polaris is planning to launch a new military grade ATV vehicle according to company sources. Polaris is already the leading off-road vehicle manufacturer globally but the new all-terrain vehicles will have the on Pneumatic Tires or NPT from Terrain Armor. Polaris Industries is fulfilling a pledge it made in early 2013 to bring the NPT technology to the consumer market. The new Sportsman VW850 H.O. which has the Terrain Armor will debut in the market from December 2013 although only a few will be available.

Polaris ATV

Polaris ATV

The NPT technology is widely applied in disaster relief and military use with incredible success. Polaris will thus extend these successes to the consumer market for users who need an AT for extreme applications, particularly in some of the toughest off-road terrains. This is not the first time that Polaris is introducing new NPT tires to the consumer market.  Early 2013 saw the introduction of the NPT tires by the Polaris Defense which are for military use.

One of the biggest advantages of the NPT is that they never go flat.  These tires can withstand very rugged use without deflating. The tires are typically tested in the most extreme conditions before they are put to use. As a result, consumers can buy the Terrain Armor ATV’s with a great deal of confidence. The tires are not only reliable but they are also quite durable.  The Terrain Armor tires also come with many other benefits. For example, they have a very low centre of gravity which greatly contributes to the vehicle’s overall stability.  The tires offer greater improvements in the cornering of the ATV and they are also built such that they can be used in many other diverse applications.

There are several other components that complement the vehicle’s NPT tires such as an automatic singe-speed transmission, a shock package to ensure the superior handling of the vehicle, and a much enhanced cooling capacity.  The military-grade off-road vehicle is also equipped with racks which can be used to carry cargo.  For extreme terrains, you can use the 3500 pound winch which comes with the ATV.  Additional information about the features of the vehicle is available on the Terrain Armor website at .

The Polar Edition of the Jeep Wrangler Coming to the US

This ice cold Jeep Wrangler will soon be hitting the US auto showrooms after its unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The US market has its own special editions of the Wrangler models and this car was originally thought to be slated for the European market.  The Polar Edition will be available in the US market in a month’s time.  The car was built based on the Sahara model and comes in both two and four door configurations. The paint job on the Polar Edition is also a beautiful and very appropriate Hydrant Blue.  There are however several colors which buyers can opt for such as the White Bright and the Billet Silver Hues.

Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition

Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition

The Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition comes with several enhancements. These include a durable factory hard top which is body-colored and a glossy plastic wheels with sizes of 18 inches. The Jeep Seat covers that it comes with also has an attractive glossy Blue Hydrant color or more generally depends on the other body color options of the Jeep Wrangler.  There are lots of unique decals all around the vehicle.  It also comes with a unique bulging Powerdome hood.

Apart from the appearance and the various external enhancements of the Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition, it also comes with several enhanced performance features. These include the Dana 30 front axles along with the rear axles made from the Dana 44.  The Dana 44 is stronger and provides a much more powerful upgrade for the Polar Edition. The vehicle is built with an electronic rear differential from Trac-Lok which has some great anti-spin properties. One feature that it shares with many of the US editions of the Jeep Wranglers is its Pentastar V6, 3.6L engine.  This produces 286HP along with a torque of up to 260.  Customers  can choose between six speed and five speed transmission systems which are available in the Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition.

The Jeep New 2014 Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition

Chrysler has been launching numerous special editions for its Jeep models and the latest Edition is the Jeep New 2014 Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition which pays homage to the off-road vehicle’s military heritage.  This is coming soon after the European Polar Edition and the Dragon Edition launched earlier in the year.  The new model draws its inspiration from the older civilian Jeep, one of the earliest in its iconic line of vehicle models.

2014 Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition

2014 Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition

The most distinctive feature of the Willys Wheeler is that its off-road capability has been significantly enhanced compared to the other models. The styling and design language also evokes the vehicle’s rich past.  It also comes with some upgraded hardware such as the more powerful Dana rear 44 axles. These are built with Trac-Lok limited slip rear differentials alongside 3.73 gears.  The vehicle also comes with the BFGoodrich mud tires and Jeep Trail Rated Kit.  The tires are mounted on the Willys Wheeler wheels that have a 17” span.

The Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition has captured the original classic design and styling on the exterior surface of the vehicle such as the gloss black grille. There is also the famous “Wyllis” hood stickers and the Jeep badge. The tailgate decal includes the historic “4 Wheel Drive”.  Other standard features in the Willys Wheeler include the Sunrider soft top feature alongside the rear sunscreen windows which have a deep tint.  It comes in all of the standard Jeep colors that are currently available in the marketplace.  Some optional features of the Willys Wheeler are the Jeep half doors.

The interior of the vehicle has some cool features such as the Jeep Connectivity Group.  These are electronic enhancements that serve various functions and vary from one Jeep model to another. They include features such as the SiriusXM satellite radios and a tire-pressure monitoring system for the vehicle.  The 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine of this model delivers up to 285hp and 260 torque. It is based on a six-speed manual transmission although there is also the availability of the five speed transmission option. The vehicle is likely to resonate very strongly to many of the Jeep purists thanks to the length to which it goes to evoke the older design features , especially the original classic Jeep CJs that were produced in the 40s during and after the second World War.  Apart from appealing to the old nostalgia, it also delivers sheer ruggedness and performance for many of the Jeep off-road enthusiasts.

Dodge to Offer Special Service Durango For Police and Fire Departments

Dodge has unveiled special service Durango Fleets for government use so as to improve the efficiency of service delivery.  The new fleet, the 2014 Dodge Durango Special Service Vehicle, comes with numerous enhancements, the most notable of these being the considerable increase in the vehicle’s fuel efficiency which has seen a 15% increase in fuel efficiency. Many of the improvements are those that were incorporated in the Dodge Durango’s civilian-specs model vehicle.

2014 Dodge Durango Special Service

2014 Dodge Durango Special Service

The vehicle is specifically designed for the police and fire department services and will thus go head to head with its direct competitors such as the Ford Police Interceptor Utility which also has some great off-road capabilities. Another vehicle model which will be in direct competition with the 2014 Dodge Durango Special Service is the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV. The vehicle has an incredible range of up to 600 miles due to the enhancement in its transmission system. The Dodge Durango utilizes an eight-speed transmission on a Pentastar V6 3.6L engine.  You can also find this on a 5.7 Hemi V8 engine.  The Hemi has a 360hp and can tow a weight of as much as 7400 pounds. The V6 Dodge Durango is however limited to 6200 pounds.

The Special Service Vehicle comes with additional features not found in the civilian specs models. These include the more rugged electric systems that are capable of withstanding more off-road terrains and use.  The vehicle has a heavier duty battery along with an alternator that has a capacity of as much as 220 Amps.  The water pumps of the engine along with coolers offer considerable performance and strength over those of the civilian specs models.  The new model also has load-leveling suspensions. The vehicle will be launched soon for government use and is third special service vehicle to be launched by Chrysler.  The others that were launched in the past included the Ram 1500 Special Service and the Dodge Charger Pursuit.

GE Lighting LED Headlights for Off-road Adventures

Looking for some great and energy efficient headlights for the tough terrains? Maybe it is time to try out LED’s latest product. The General Electric (GE) has launched a new line for very powerful lighting with longer life and great visibility powered by LED technology-the GE Nighthawk. The new headlamps utilize the GE’s new sealed beam technology for headlights capable of delivering very powerful and robust lighting which will appeal to many off-road enthusiasts looking for good visibility during some late night excursions. The lighting is built with ruggedness and can be used in the most difficult of conditions and off-road terrains. The GE Nighthawk headlamps can last up to 15,000 hours and are also highly energy efficient, utilizing less amperage when compared to the traditional halogen-based headlamps.

GE Nighthawk LED

GE Nighthawk LED

The GE Nighthawk has also been put through a rigorous testing process by GE to ensure reliability and excellent quality. Being a GE product of course means special efforts have been put into ensuring the new LED-based headlights meet the highest quality standards. The GE Nighthawk come in several models including the round and the rectangular shaped headlights. If you are planning to carry some upgrades to the stock lighting of your vehicle, then the GE offers a perfect direct-fit replacement.  You can use the GE Nighthawk not only on your Jeep but also on many other off-road vehicles.

The headlights make use of the standard wiring and this is available not only for the 12V but also for the 24V lamps.  These make use of the HB2/H4 wiring.  Another big advantage of the form of lighting is the relative ease of installation.  Vehicle owners will not need any special tools or adapters to carry out the installation process.  You can easily fit them on to the vehicles via a simple DIY process. The solid-state circuitry design and an aluminum case design means you can use the new GE Nighthawk can withstand some of the most extreme conditions of use. Epoxy sealing of the new GE headlights provides a protective covering against erosion thus ensuring the durability of the headlights.